Entry-Level Management

Epic Health Services is looking for a Client Service Coordinator.
The Client Service Coordinator will manage the Nurse/Client relationship to determine the nurses' skill set and demeanor needed to provide the utmost care to the client and client family.
Responsible for implementing and maintaining compliance with all State, Federal, and Company standards for Health Care Staff, employee process, responsible for recruitment, screening of employees, hiring process, and reactivation of all external/field employees.
Responsible for collaborating with clinical supervisor in performance management of the nursing staff.
Role and Responsibilities:
Maintains a current awareness of the abilities and limitations of each field/external staff member.
Demonstrates good managerial judgment in assigning duties appropriate to each individual.
Consistently counsel field/external staff members to provide exceptional customer service.
Demonstrates a thorough knowledge and adherence to the policies and procedures of Epic, holds nurses accountable for carrying out all non-clinical policies and procedures as outlined in the manuals.
Maintains an active involvement in issues of cost containment; effectively utilizes nurses when assigning cases.
Demonstrates an ability to identify and solve problems; uses initiative and good judgment to reach quality decisions.
Demonstrates an active and positive role in evaluating staff performance, Participates with the Clinical Supervisor in performance management of the nursing staff Demonstrates an ability to communicate effectively and express ideas clearly and actively listens.
Maintains an excellent rapport with clients and caregivers and effectively promotes harmonious interpersonal relationships.
Provides leadership through planning, organizing, coordinating, continually monitoring and thoroughly evaluating the services given to clients associated with Epic.
Assist in provision of orientation for new staff members.
High school diploma or equivalent College Degree preferred

Don't Be Fooled

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